Jul 102011

This week we have the pleasure of Will, otherwise known as Distilled Will, an occasional writer for Talk Tyria and more regularly his own blog, Very Distilled.  We chat about what its like to write for 2 venues, what he loves about Guild Wars and he teaches me about new ways to waste my day.  This one ended up being a longer interview than planned, so excuse (or celebrate) the slightly longer download.

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Jun 192011

Fellow Brit Cornish joins me on The Guild Meeting on Split Infinity Radio to chat about his experiences blogging, convention expectations and his experiences of the Massively Overpowered guild.   Cornish is the human brain behind “I Move Like A Dwarf“, a Guild Wars blog where he’s joined by Blogg, the Flaming Asura and other characters to share their experiences around Tyria.

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Jun 052011

This week I’m joined by Nox, the brains behind a number of Guild Wars related websites.  His blog, Conjure Phantasm (previously I Love Guild Wars) often includes vivid diagrams and images to help him get his point across.  In this interview for The Guild Meeting, we talk web development, mesmers and Aussie PvP.

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May 312011

Gotta love having artistically inclined friends.  Thierry De Wolf is one such person, who is not only a great gamer and saved my butt in game a few times over the year, but also quite a talented cartoon artist.  He drew my current main Twitter avatar pic (for which I still owe him a few beers), but he also drew a poster for my Friday night radio show which apparently helps him to work better.  Can’t say thank you enough for the work you’ve done and sorry for the work I’ll probably make you do in the future.

*cough* Thanks for the waistline reduction...

If you want to get an avatar done yourself, visit his webpage or contact him on Twitter.

May 222011

As an added feature to The Guild Meeting, I’m aiming to get some interviews with various members of the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 community.  First up is fellow Relics of Orr host Tigerfeet, who is (better?) known for the blogging and artwork she posts on her site Secret Agent Cat, who spoke to me about her influences and what motivates her, as well as the bits she’s looking forward to in Guild Wars 2.  If you weren’t able to make it to listen live on Split Infinity Radio today, there’s an opportunity below to listen again or download the audio for your further use.

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If you have a Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 site, or work on one, and would like 15 minutes in the spotlight please email me at tasha <at> siradio.fm