Week in the Life of a Guild Leader – Day 1

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Nov 062013

For context, read this.

8:30am: Wake up & do my morning rounds on the internet, checking email, twitter and the guild forum. Notice there are no new posts since last night. Post a notice about the guild meeting this Sunday and an event next Friday. Also post asking for an update on how people are getting on with NaNoWriMo. Head to work.

12:30pm: On lunch break at work, thoughts drift to potential topics that can solicit a response from lots of people. Consider topics on Christmas adverts and their inevitable yearly creep, the newly announced Funcom Lego MMO. Schedule tweets for this week’s events.

5:40pm: Get home from work & check forum. 2 replies on the guild meeting message but no others. Check the stats – 18 people have viewed the forum today. Realise a few new members are close to their probation to their review date and one has exceeded. Post on forum asking current members for their interactions with 2 of them to make a good decision if they’re fitting in ok. Know one isn’t working out so decide to draft a rejection letter later in the evening. Hop on Steam Chat & strike up a conversation with people for 20 minutes before doing some housework.

7pm: Finish up housework & hop back on pc. The midweek session of guild missions is in 30 minutes so I boot up Guild Wars 2 & start loading in. While it is, I start downloading the necessary files for the website update that needs to be done this week.

7:15pm: Start up guild boosts and queue up more. Arrange to meet with deputy leaders later over survey questions to be sent out on Sunday. Discuss mods for the forum & the merits of adding different functionality.

7:30pm: Hop on Ventrilo to run guild missions. Quick jump on the forum again to read replies.

8:30pm: Guild missions wound up with a Bounty, Rush and Puzzle done. Pleased with guild progress on the puzzles (Langmar Estate done in 11 minutes). Hop off for dinner & squeeze in a Tequatl kill.

9:45pm: Meet with deputy guild leaders & discuss survey progress.

10:15pm: Draft & send rejection email to a new member who didn’t make it to full member.

10:30pm: Stop doing guild work for the night.

Nov 052013

I’ve been a guild leader for over 7 years, and since I started there hasn’t been a great revolution in understanding between members and leaders. You still see the same drama stories, the same challenges and the same lamenting about the troubles that come with leadership.

I firmly believe it doesn’t need to be this way. While there are a great many differences between guilds in different games and even guilds in the same game, largely guild leaders face similar problems. And a major problem is that so many feel the need to attempt to solve those problems in isolation.

Moreover, the role of those of us who have been doing it a long time isn’t exposed to our members.  In the hopes that things can change, I’m going to be writing a daily entry to this blog for a week starting Wednesday about what I’ve done that day for my guild, Mystic Spiral,

So a brief background about my guild for the unfamiliar. Mystic Spiral was founded in May 2006 in Guild Wars 1, because I felt that you didn’t have to rule a guild by a power trip. Rather than being PvE or PvP or even PvX orientated, MYST is a social guild. The overriding thing that brings us all together, and indeed what we recruit for, is outgoing people who want more from a guild than just people to play with, but also people they can form long term bonds with – friends and sometimes more. To make that happen we recruit slowly and have a stable base of around 40 people who are online daily. These days we don’t play Guild Wars 1 much any more, but play Guild Wars 2, DOTA2 and other games. I’m supported by 2 awesome deputy leaders and a handful of others who help when they can.

The challenges I’m facing at the moment involve the mix of people we have in the guild and the platforms we operate on. Migrating from Guild Wars 1, highlighted the need for our main channels of communication to be game agnostic as tastes will evolve and no one should be left behind. The forum and Steam group chat are front and centre of that, but making them appealing so that people frequently visit and participate on them is something I’m trying to work on. Likewise, I’m always working to improve the sense of community within the guild, to get people to mingle with people they normally wouldn’t and set boundaries, goals and adversaries. This is harder when there isn’t one shared experience.

On top of my usual duties this week I have to prepare for a guild meeting set for Sunday, with a survey to follow, and prepare a software update for the guild website. Oh and hold down a full time job and get settled into my new home.

I hope you’ll check back regularly this week. See you Wednesday!