Welcome to my corner of the internet.

The main point of this blog is to discuss the number of different things that involve me being attached to my keyboard.  The main one is gaming and online community development.  I’ve been playing Guild Wars since 2005 and moved on to  Guild Wars 2. Amongst all that I’ve worked for a variety of fansites and have been leading a social PvX guild since 2006. Past projects have included DJing on Split Infinity Radio where I hosted a show on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 and another on dance music, and I used to be a regular co-host on the podcast Relics of Orr. I’m now taking things a little easier, with my guild Mystic Spiral [MYST] taking up more of my time and I’ve been writing about my experiences as a guild leader over on Dragon Season. Most of my blog posts revolve around this area of my life, including the odd head splitting theorycrafting session and rant about how my beloved Ranger has been (sort of) ruined.

I’m a C++ computer programmer by trade with a background in robotics, and occasionally my posts drift onto my other project – the development of a new website with custom tools for my guild, which I’m learning php and CSS for.

Disclaimer: Anything posted on this blog is my opinion only, possibly made up and is definitely not representative of anyone or any company associated with me.

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