Week in the Life of a Guild Leader – Day 5

 Posted by on November 10, 2013  Guild
Nov 102013

Context is wonderful, here’s where you can find some

11:30am: Get up and do the morning rounds on the website and twitter. Sort out the boosters for today.

12pm: Join the guild for some WvW

12:50: Stop WvW to start preparing for guild missions at 1pm.

2:15pm: Wind up guild missions for the day. We got a Rush, Bounty and Puzzle done, again pleased with progress. Unable to do a challenge due to numbers. Ask a deputy guild leader to port the survey from a document to Survey Monkey while I’m updating the forum. Take a short break

3:00pm: Resume preparing the forum update. This involves manually merging in code changes from various mods

4:00pm: Code is ready, so I take a backup of the full website before putting it into maintenance mode (so people can’t post). WordPress is easy to update as it’s a click to update interface. The phpbb3 forum is a little more complicated as I have to upload and merge in files. I’ve made a few errors in the changes I made, so had to fix them.

5:30pm: Satisfied the website is working again, so I take it out of maintenance mode and write update notes. I notice a guildie has a birthday so make a thread wishing them a happy birthday. Take a break

6:30pm: Pop back in game, join for Cathedral of Flames Path 2. Cooking dinner as well, so afterwards I talk to a few people about various bits and bobs, including concerns about a guild event taking place tomorrow.

8:30pm: Back from dinner. Have a long conversation with a guild member about how things are. Post the survey up in between this and doing some world bosses.

10:00pm: Discuss promotion to full member with a new guild member. They have some good feedback about the whole transition so I take notes to go along with that gathered from the survey and next week’s guild meeting

10:30pm: Release survey

10:45pm: Hang up guild leader hat for the day

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