Week in the Life of a Guild Leader – Day 3

 Posted by on November 9, 2013  Guild
Nov 092013

Read this for context

9:20am: Running late for work but answer a guild related tweet. Check forum & ask if it would be any better if this Sunday’s guild meeting was moved to next Sunday due to the large number of people saying they can’t attend.

4:30pm: Get message from deputy guild leader about the survey. Asked to check when I get home.

7:10pm: Get home later than expected due to accident. Do rounds on forum & confirm guild meeting moved to 17th. Post about maintenance this weekend. Review survey before breaking for dinner.

7:50pm: Log into Guild Wars 2. Notice someone has left and pop on forum to deactivate their account. Gather folks together for an evening of doing mini-dungeons in the game. Tackle some in Caledon Forest, Straits of Devastation, Cursed Shore, Timberline Falls and Lornar’s Pass before wrapping up at around 9:30pm.

9:45pm: Go over the survey again as it’s still due to be released this weekend. Call it a night at 10:15pm.

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