Week in the Life of a Guild Leader – Day 1

 Posted by on November 6, 2013  Guild
Nov 062013

For context, read this.

8:30am: Wake up & do my morning rounds on the internet, checking email, twitter and the guild forum. Notice there are no new posts since last night. Post a notice about the guild meeting this Sunday and an event next Friday. Also post asking for an update on how people are getting on with NaNoWriMo. Head to work.

12:30pm: On lunch break at work, thoughts drift to potential topics that can solicit a response from lots of people. Consider topics on Christmas adverts and their inevitable yearly creep, the newly announced Funcom Lego MMO. Schedule tweets for this week’s events.

5:40pm: Get home from work & check forum. 2 replies on the guild meeting message but no others. Check the stats – 18 people have viewed the forum today. Realise a few new members are close to their probation to their review date and one has exceeded. Post on forum asking current members for their interactions with 2 of them to make a good decision if they’re fitting in ok. Know one isn’t working out so decide to draft a rejection letter later in the evening. Hop on Steam Chat & strike up a conversation with people for 20 minutes before doing some housework.

7pm: Finish up housework & hop back on pc. The midweek session of guild missions is in 30 minutes so I boot up Guild Wars 2 & start loading in. While it is, I start downloading the necessary files for the website update that needs to be done this week.

7:15pm: Start up guild boosts and queue up more. Arrange to meet with deputy leaders later over survey questions to be sent out on Sunday. Discuss mods for the forum & the merits of adding different functionality.

7:30pm: Hop on Ventrilo to run guild missions. Quick jump on the forum again to read replies.

8:30pm: Guild missions wound up with a Bounty, Rush and Puzzle done. Pleased with guild progress on the puzzles (Langmar Estate done in 11 minutes). Hop off for dinner & squeeze in a Tequatl kill.

9:45pm: Meet with deputy guild leaders & discuss survey progress.

10:15pm: Draft & send rejection email to a new member who didn’t make it to full member.

10:30pm: Stop doing guild work for the night.

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