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Warning: pictures contain strong language

So the voting ended for Cutthroat Politics earlier today and as someone who was supporting Evon Gnashblade I was a little disappointed with the result. I am more disappointed with the reaction to the result that has been seen on the forums and in game. I expected disappointment, maybe a little anger, but not the combination of racism and misogyny that has been seen over map chat.

What is so revealing about these horrible statements (on all sides) is that they’re said about people and races that don’t exist. Ellen and Evon are nothing but a collection of polygons and rows in a database. Humans and charr have rich lore in Guild Wars 2 but are just as imaginary. So really this hatred says more about the people saying these things than the characters of the individuals.

Lets start with some of the lines said about Evon Gnashblade (Lines said by the same person are grouped together):


Common thread along these bashes are general attitudes to charr. They’re smelly, they’re only good as pets and apparently they rapists (I really don’t remember that bit in Guild Wars lore. Oppressive to women yes, but not rapists). Only 2 of these lines are aimed directly at Evon himself while the rest are more related to the entire race.

Lets compare this with comments I saw about Ellen Kiel:


So in contrast, none of these comments are about Ellen’s race. Nearly all of them are about her physical appearance and supposed promiscuity. These comments also spill over into Queen Jennah’s Jubilee, the next Guild Wars 2 update. So whereas Evon’s comments are racial, Ellen’s are personal. It’s demeaning that Ellen’s supporters are seen to vote for her on the merit of her appearance alone, rather than her campaign promises.

This could be dismissed as trolling if this wasn’t the kind of attitude women face on a regular basis online and in real life. In the last 2 weeks, several female activists, journalists and one MP in the UK have been threatened with rape and had bomb threats, for successfully campaigning for women to be represented on British currency and reporting on the story. People have been arrested for it. Likewise racial hatred is no less vile and shouldn’t be an issue for anyone in 2013.

But we share a gaming world where some people (I have no idea if they are male or female and will not guess) think these attitudes are OK to have and to voice. I can’t get my head around hating an aspect of someone so much that you would voice your hatred for an NPC who has that characteristic. I’ve been on the end of all kinds of abuse in game over the years, mostly from people who just wanted to get their rocks off, but this is the first time I’ve seen NPCs be the target. I’m ashamed to share a hobby with these people and those who enable them to carry on spreading their hatred.

This leads to an interesting question I had to answer today: is it verbal abuse if the target isn’t real? I decided it was, but am curious what you think. And if not, how would you have reported these statements?

Of course, this is a small minority of people. Several others I saw expressed their views in a balanced manner.

balanced and fair

To those who voiced their views like this: thank you. You made this election interesting and I enjoyed listening to the pros and cons.

I really hope that ArenaNet will continue to put forward strong characters to drive their stories, challenging stereotypes every step of the way. Bring on the Jubilee!

Edit: I have written a follow up to this post outlining the response from ArenaNet. It also explains why the comments are closed.

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  1. I apologise in advance for the language, but this shit really fucks me off something awful. I had a hunch that this event would descend into something similar to the Luxon/Kurzick malarkey that pervaded Factions, but I did not expect this. This is just disgraceful.

    Yes, I agree that it -is- verbal abuse, even if the target’s not real. It’s no different than some arsehole ridiculing, say, Luther, because they can’t accept a black man in the position of a DCI. The character may not real, but the prejudice and hatred is sadly very much so. And, speaking as one of Team Kiel, I’m insulted and ashamed to have the share that team with a bunch of perverts that were only supporting her on the basis of what was under her uniform, and I’m insulted and ashamed to share a player base with those that used the same disgusting excuses to discredit the character.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a keyboard to dislodge from my window. 😐

  2. It is truly sad that people feel the need to think like that, let alone the need to voice it to other people. They’re obviously hoping to get a rise out of people for it, and I think you did the right thing by following the in-game procedure in reaction to it.

  3. Many people will attempt to dismiss sociological observations like this with the typical excuse that “it’s not real”.

    But the ultimate point is how people behave when they believe the normal rules and pressure of society they live in don’t apply. Just because some fictional characters in an MMO “aren’t real” doesn’t mean that 100% of the player base begins talking with potty mouths and enjoys racist and sexist statements as their form of entertainment. Situations like this do tend to reveal what really makes people tick, what their secret obsessions and fixations are.

    It’s the same basic reasoning behind why some people turn monstrous over the Internet and spew the worst abuse possible at others – because to them, the people on the other side of the screen are merely characters. They’re not real and so you won’t suffer any consequences (so you think…) from allow your true, inner self to sharpen its claws upon this supposedly fictitious personas. “It’s all just Internet man.”

    But a sociopath, acting as a sociopath in real life, will tend to say “it’s all just life man, it’s a bunch of shit”. The same dismissal of ethics and consequences of actions, regardless of the medium. At the end of the day, it’s all just an excuse to be a poor individual.

  4. What I would find interesting, is what the reaction would have been like if the roles were reversed: Male human and female Charr…would the movement to discredit one over the other still go on?

    I would completely classify this as verbal abuse, I’d even put it down as social dominance and manipulation (especially in such a vocal and social medium!). The target may not be real, but the emotions and feelings it instills in others when this kind of environment is allowed to propagate is perfectly valid. If I called a woman in a novel I was reading – pardon my french – a f***ing c***, in front of company, I’d expect a crack across the back of the head, as that’s no way to describe, well, anybody, regardless of gender.

    The subject may not be real, but the subject matter is a real and terrifying thing, especially in the environment of today – read: the current furore over the twitter silence. It’s not classy speech, and it’s certainly not aimed at her – what, are they expecting a reaction from code? Which makes you question who they ARE aiming that kind of speech at. Who, exactly, are they wanting to belittle and demean? And exactly how far would they go to register their displeasure?

    The funny thing is, I found the derogatory statements about the Charr amusing, as it’s a completely fictional race, and yet people were getting so worked up about the election – in a video game – to start debasing and dehumanising a fictional character. It’s true, politics can never be politely discussed. Inversely, I found the comments on the human female character, well, frankly terrifying, as it just goes to show that even in a fictional setting, people cannot be nice to each other. She doesn’t have a voice, an avatar, no physical, human being to respond, to interact with, but what about the millions of gamers that get this kind of abuse every day?

    She’s not real – they are. And yet a fictional character gets treated at the same level. Hmm. I wonder if Gaile Grey ever got this kind of abuse (I’d fancy so). Guess ArenaNet did a good job world building, huh? Maybe a little TOO good…

    Worryingly, what does that say about me? I found abuse that, if pointed at a real race or culture, I would find completely intolerable, but when I apply that to a race that is fictional, I find it humorous. How unremoved from the subject matter does it have to become before I find it no longer funny? That’s worrying, that that level of disconnection exists, to the point where I actually consider that you could breed this level of intolerance in children’s games, completely unintentionally, and it would leak over to the real world.

    About the Charr: It’s heavily implied that Charr raped women during the Searing, but it’s not implicitly stated anywhere. It’s the impression I got from the Gwen chronicles from GW1. The bathing thing…I dunno. I don’t even get where that would come from, you ever seen a cat NOT keep itself clean? 😛

    Sorry about the long post 😛

  5. The only reason my charr might smell is because there aren’t a whole lot of showers on the battlefield.

  6. This is a game.
    What you describe is a classic ‘thoughtcrime’.
    You go along that way (punish people for play) and next week it’s not them it’s YOU who is a new Hitler.

  7. Isn’t that just roleplaying? I seriously doubt any of that to be serious.

  8. [Strong language warning]

    Sometimes I choose, for my own mental and inner health, to believe that the micro-world I choose to live in and use as an escape from the real and really ugly ‘world’, is a beautiful place filled with mature and sane people.

    Last night showed me, in the most horrible and illusion-shattering way, that I am terribly wrong.

    We saw people who use this micro-world as an extension of their own, perverted lives. To them: stop playing GW2 now, your mama’s asleep. Go back to watching porn.

    We saw people who expressed all the racism they are forced to keep suppressed during the day/real life, against the usual target groups:-minor races & female sex. To them: blowing steam off and jerking off in the presence of others is not the same. Exercising the liberty to speak your mind does not make you a democrat by default.

    We saw people living (in) the game for all the wrong reasons. We watched them project their deficient personalities to the NPCs, imagining them as real persons, and then shooting them with all the excrement their clearly rotten ethics could produce.

    I do not know if ArenaNet is going to do something about this. It is not a matter of ‘if’ they can do anything, because they can do a lot. In my utopic micro-world I like to think that ‘killing’ players because they are evil, is a good thing.

  9. I logged in shortly after the message was sent out and saw what some people were saying. Though I was bummed that Evon lost since I liked the Abaddon fractal idea more, I can now look forward to cheaper waypoints. In my server most of the Evon fans were complaining about it being rigged while one of the Ellen fans was saying they were unaware of the fractal difference. Unfortunately some did like the above and posted inappropriate remarks for both Evon and Ellen.

    Jonathan I remember once while playing a mission in Prophecies months after Factions release somebody who was doing a mission with me asked which Faction I was a part of. Upon finding we were of opposing factions he/she got quite upset and wouldn’t stop typing putdowns in the chat. It was worse than a lot of people are with real politics.

    Besides the few people that mess it up I think events like this are a great idea as they allow people to choose and work to change the game based on their vote.

  10. I hate char, a side effect from GW1. I don’t want to mix that wonderful in-character feeling with what the people have described above in your screen shots. Its just sore losers letting their feeling get the better of them (I am being kind).

    We just have to set an example, discourage the above and hopefully we can all make a better world through gaming!

    To me what made me vote for Kiel was that she’s been with me for a while now, the other dude just popped up out of know where. I trust Kiel to do the right thing, she’s a do good, and so am I.

    I am glad to see that people have at least cared about the out come a little.

  11. Wow. One of the reasons I played GW1 and now play GW2 is that this sort of thing didn’t seem to happen much. I’m glad I didn’t see that on my server. It’s sad to know that’s going on. I voted Kiel simply because I don’t care about Black Lion chests and she has more of a story behind her. If other players are going to try to ruin the atmosphere for everyone else with bile then they should be reported.

  12. It is a game, played on private servers with rules made and enforced by ArenaNet.

    I direct you to their Code of Conduct, specifically points 1 and 12:

  13. I think it is abuse towards women in general that I find most disturbing in games. I don’t know why but for some reason it is socially acceptable to act this way towards women in the overall gaming community and it’s often directed at actual people…but even in this case…women should be offended. Gamers of both genders should be disgusted with this….I know anonymity means you think can you “say what you want” but this behavior is just abhorrent and unacceptable anywhere.

  14. I didn’t vote Evon because I usually don’t vote for diehard capitalists. Specially not the kind that would eat you if there wasn’t a treaty in effect.

    But, among my characters it was 3 to 5. My human ranger does not like charr, her backstory is the reason and some wounds run deep. My female charr didn’t like Evon as she felt he was too high and mighty to lead LA.
    My femaly asura did like Evon, for that exact reason. A leader should take what they can get.
    And so on… Won’t go into all of them.

  15. Good points. I would have been interested to have removed all bias from the vote and rerun it. 2 candidates, identical twins.

  16. i have to say, i dont like the charr too much as they were the 1º enemys i had to deal with in GW, and i dont enjoy how thier society is arranged, so some times i make some racists jokes about them when im playing my human.

    but i have to say, i dont dislike Evon because hes a Charr, i dislike Evon because hes a money hungered merchant that takes away 15% of my profits every time i sell something in the trading post, even when i’m meeting a demand. Even my Charr Ranger does like him 😀

  17. Well Sam,

    Where to start? Bromi and Potato seem to have dismissed this entirely and find it quite acceptable – thankfully, they are in a minority this time. Abusing Ellen is certainly more than a ‘thoughtcrime’. It actually makes it seem aimed more at women in general BECAUSE the character is imaginary and there should be zero tolerance towards this on any platform.

    With the Charr, I’m a little less certain – there IS lore to support human hatred of Charr in the game, some of the comments human NPCs make (if I remember correctly) portray Charr as stinky and flea-infested;some people could argue that they were role playing, but any talk of rape etcetera in a public chat channel of a family-friendly fantasy game is wholly unacceptable in my opinion.

    This is actually the first time that I have witnessed a reaction like this within a game to an imaginary scenario; my hope is that Anet, along with the GW2 community in general, will address it directly and stand up to make it clear that this kind of behaviour will be no more acceptable within the gaming environment than out on the street in the real world.

    There SHOULD be consequences for behaving in such a manner, many people found it very offensive and although it may be impossible to prevent it from happening entirely this is the moment to deal with it decisively and make it perfectly clear that such behaviour is not to be tolerated.

  18. I’m with potato in this. I am pretty sure that this is the kind of playful boasting chovinizm that goes on in a pub when guys go out to have a beer, and which is not really meant. See, the NPCs in Ebonhawk arent too well-opinioned about charr either, and they shout their separatist nonsense thru town, and still, there’se no problem with it.

    It would be interesting, whether those people you read on the map chat had alternate characters from the charr race. If yes, there’se no need to freak out.

    An interesting note to ‘racism’: I loved the aspect of Belcher’s Bluff that involved playing against all the five races. However, when I asked around on map chat whether there are some charr/sylvari/asura willing to play (it may be worth noting that there was far less of them than human+norn combined…), someone commented that i was racist. Which made me smile, because IRL there’s no way anyone would ever accuse me of that, but at the moment my search was really ‘race consciuos’, so i replied, ‘Indeed, I am.’ And that does not mean ANYTHING. The gw2 races are mostly built around stereotypes (the jumpy little genious asura, who can be very tiring, the norns, who drink all the time – but still, the game is not anti-science or promorional towards excessive drinking), players on the map chat just play these card out in their role-playing. I wouldnt think there’s any harm in that.

  19. I’m awfully surprised about the backlash both of these fictional characters have received. I voted for Kiel because I liked her character and how she gives GW2 even more a female presence, which is awesome. Even then, though, I didn’t really care too much about who would win. I even voted for Evon a few times just to get those badges and complete some achievements, which was my main focus. After all that, I was shocked to see that people were so into these elections. I even read a post made by this player who spent 1000g or some ridiculous amount so he could vote for Evon.

    Neither of the comments made towards Evon or Kiel are appropriate, but what was said about Kiel has actual effects on our society, where-as the comments made towards Evon have little to none. Evon received negative and racist comments of him for being a Charr. Here’s the thing though, Charr aren’t real. There is not a group of real Charr that will ever face discrimination.

    The difference is this, women are real and women actually receive this sort of misogynistic comments on a daily basis. When people make comments like these, even though it’s directed towards a female character, it leaves the impression that women cannot make achievements because of their hard work, but their appearance.

    Seriously, though. It’s a fictional election.

  20. I agree with potato. This is 99% “roleplaying talk”. It’s a mmoRPG, and most of the people tend to forget what the last 3 letters represent. Yes, it’s rare nowadays to see someone really playing roles in the most popular online games, but it still happens, and you can expect to see a party request refused maybe only because someone is playing a charr or human and he decided that his character hates the opposite race. It may sound funny, or even silly, to younger players in particular, the ones that doesn’t care for the lore of a particular game but often simply try them out until they found one they like, but that doesn’t mean that some people still like to play that way.

    And…well, Lion’s Arch is now a city of pirates, so what do you expect in terms of language? That screens seems to me usual examples of sarcastic/ironic/etc roleplaying comments that you can read in the chat window every time you are in a big city, L’ions Arch in particular, about every possible in-game argument. I don’t see any confusion of reality/game world here, and btw, compared to other games, the GW2 players are a lot more friendly and ready to help, except a few idiots that you occasionally meet in pvp.

  21. Agreed with others. I was said “Gah, he’s a Charr. Do not vote!” When playing as a human, and the exact opposite when using my Charr necromancer. Many people forget that this is an MMORPG – Role Playing Game.

    If you don’t get involved then you aren’t getting the most from the game. In case you’ve forgotten, this is supposed to take place in an alternate world where racism is still rampant. If you think that this racism is reflecting of real life you need to watch what I feel is the best rant for people like you.

  22. I strongly doubt that those people in the chats were “only roleplaying”. There is no use of indirect speech, no description what their characters are doing, and the sort of language simply does not fit to the fantasy/steampunk setting in which GW is settled in.

    For me it has more of a cheap excuse to be an arsehole than anything else. I’ve seen this also in other gaming communities, for example in EVE-Online, were you can steal money and ingame-stuff from your corporation-buddies and the thief simply respond with “Hey, I’m only roleplaying”.

  23. You’ve got to be kidding me 🙂 Are you even for real, I’m not sure.

    I’ve got another question: Is it verbal abuse if BOTH source and target are not real?

    What’s next, you will have a go at Anet for promoting slavery because krait enslave quaggans in-game? Or for them being plain racist because of whole “Slayer” achievement line (namely, Flame Legion’s Bane) or existence of such thing as Racial sympathy in personal storyline?

    Oh, I’ve got one for you: Game of Thrones! It is unacceptable I tell you that so many people take part in this horrific display of medieval barbarism including slavery, rape, murder, racism, you name it!

    I mean, really… PCs in GW2 KILL other PCs in sPvP and on WvW as well as any NPCs they can technically kill. What can be worse than that?

    TL:DR: It is a game. It is roleplay. And most importantly, it is fiction.

  24. I can’t see how people can argue that a person saying:
    “First off, GW2 is a man dominated game. So it makes sense for them to vote for tits no?”
    Is role playing? Are they role playing a 4th wall breaking self-aware character?
    “Last time we let a woman lead a county she brought the world to its knees should be fun.”
    A 4th wall breaking self-aware character presumably transported from the UK (I assume this is a reference to Maggie Thatcher) into Tyria?
    I think you’d be stretching it to try to argue that.

    No, these people were not role playing. They were being abuse, abusive towards an NPC and abusive towards women in general.

  25. That’s a good point.

    Although conclusion is kind of comical. “abusive towards NPC” wut?!! Personally, I’ll abuse all NPCs in cyberspace all I want if I feel like it :). The idea of “abusing NPC” is a nonsense.

    As of crossing the fiction/reality line, the jury is out. Just report them and see how it works out. And have some skin, please. Being overly sensible is just not healthy. That doesn’t of course mean ignoring REAL abuse.

  26. I remember a time when my internet-access was limited to 1hour per week. And I had to use a PC at school.
    But times have changed. Almost everybody has access to the internet these days. Computers and smartphone are available for only a few hundred bucks.
    So when you look at a forum or a chat or whatever, imho you see a refelction of our society. Maybe we all should think about this…

    just my 2cents.

  27. If you want to see reflection of our society, MMOs are probably not the best place. It is a game, and as such it is a playground, venting space and the place to try things out, both social and emotional. It is a place to pretend to be someone else, to try and be an actor playing villian, superhero or a deity. And it is also guided (to the extent) by game setting and lore.

    There’s a trend nowadays to be offended by virtually everything. Bullying this, bullying that, offensive cartoons, blasphemy, verbal abuse… It’s almost like people’s social immune system is decayed to non-existence. One should have clear understanding of the difference between *thought* crime and offensive/criminal *actions*. As long as people *act* according to social contract/law, it is no one’s business to impose any thought crime laws on them and limit them in what they think or say.

    just my 2 cents

  28. DistilledWill, seriously: some people may be roleplaying, others simply not, but, using the chat to simply joke when reading others discussions, it’s a general chat in a server with thousands of players, and you don’t have official servers dedicated to roleplaying fans. If you think these are abusing or offensive words against an npc (lol? 😐 ) or women, you probabily have never played with a pvp or mass pvp based game…that is where the worst part of some people really comes out.

  29. Thought crime? It’s a trend to be offended by everything?? You mean I shouldn’t be offended when someone tells me or someone tits are the reason I am winning? You’re saying that being a misogynistic pig is ok because its online and it isn’t really offensive or wrong if it’s in a virtual world?? UHHH no, sorry but your little cyber-world-is-different argument is not ok. It is NOT ok to abuse people in this manner in any game or any internet forum. I am not offended by EVERYTHING…I do not take offense to every TITS OR GTFO comment because I get a lot of those and sometimes its just there and whatever that is easy to ignore…but its getting to an all new low when people are giving shit to NPC’s about being female and that’s the only reason people voted for her. I am sorry but just ignoring it is making the issue worse. The more aware people are that this kinda bs happens all the time and actually take action against it the less it will happen. OH and BTW don’t just blanket everyone under “everyone is so easily offended now days” there are things that people SHOULD and WILL be offended over…this is definitely one of them.

  30. I’d say that MMOs are a better indication of what society thinks and how it acts than most people realize. Here we have people, under the cover of anonymity, spouting things that normally they would never say around others because there’d actually be some consequences for it. But here they can say things like that, knowing that they will never have any real consequence for their actions, and so they speak their true thoughts.

    Saying that an MMO isn’t a good reflection of society is naively ignorant.

  31. @Shalywen/Yaro. Yes, I appreciate you can throw insults at any NPC, they’re just pixels afterall. You’ll notice all I said was that they were abusive towards and NPC, a point upon which we all seem to agree.

    But what I’m saying is that the language used and the manner in which the lines were delivered (I was in LA when Tasha was screenshotting this aswell), though targeting a bunch of pixels, were targeting that bunch of pixels because, in game, she is a woman. They used violent and sexual imagery to describe this fictitious woman and I believe that can only be indicative of some disturbing underlying prejudices towards women in general. They wouldn’t have said those things if Kiel were a pixel man.

  32. @Lissah:
    I’m not telling you to be or not to be offended by anything. You read too much into it and just taking too huge of a step from thoughts and games to actions. I personally like tits. Does it make me a misogynist somehow?

    I do not objectify anyone based on body parts, which doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate the beauty of body forms. Be it male or female body, by the way.

    If I deny someone’s a job based on them having/not having “tits” – that would be definitely discrimination, misogyny being particular type of it. The whole problem here is that you extrapolate fictional situations to real ones. Like playing gory shooters would make you a serial killer, geez.

    It is not a training ground, it is a play ground. Simple as that.

    If I see someone making in-game comment about NPCs along the lines of “tits or gtfo”, I just think “what a stupid comment and not even funny” and go on with my business. If I’d see a real life decision based on same mentality, THAT’S where I’d put my effort and time to oppose and prevent it.

    Btw I didn’t blanket anyone, I said that I see a trend, which means that in my experience more and more people (with quite a help from authorities) lose the grasp on how big is the difference between thoughts/words and actions and how drastically differs objective influence of your words on others as opposed to your actions.

    @Verene: What “society thinks” (if that is to mean anything) is quite different from how society acts. Real life society always has a lot of limitations and consequences for particular *actions*. In computer game, as in a conversation, there’s no real *actions*, and there are no, and shouldn’t necessarily be so much of same limitations and social contractual obligations in games.

    I assure you, if you’d ever acquire super-natural powers and get to know what people actually think about many other people, you’d become misanthrope at that exact moment. Real life social constructs are the way for commune to achieve common social goals regardless of what particular people actually think about each other. And it is not anyone’s business to suppress particular thinking. If it surfaces in particular actions, that’s where all enforcement effort should go socially. One thing it to say “I don’t like what you say, I think it is wrong and that’s why”, other thing is to say “it is not OK what you said you misogynistic pig, you CAN’T say that!”

    But this is all slightly besides the point, since I insist on game environment, especially when referring to NPCs, being nothing more than a playground/theater. Majority of people wouldn’t say anything they say about/to NPCs to real person in real life while not conveniently protected by anonymity. Do you want to know and have control over what people think and would say in real life if there were no social barriers/contracts/limitations? Probably don’t. I mean, control thing would be nice one to have, but that wouldn’t make for a healthy society.

    P.S. Of course I’m talking about society of responsible individuals and do not discuss such things as education and promotion of socially-acceptable thinking or verbal forms. That’s another story. What I was talking above is enforcement thereof among responsible individuals. Well, thought crime if you take this term broadly.

  33. @DistilledWill
    “Yes, I appreciate you can throw insults at any NPC, they’re just pixels afterall. You’ll notice all I said was that they were abusive towards and NPC, a point upon which we all seem to agree.”

    I wouldn’t, I’m not that kind of person :). I don’t believe in insults personally. I think they say more about person insulting than of any target. And not in a good way. And I don’t really like even playing villain, just not my thing.

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