A Year with Guild Wars 2

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Aug 312013

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Shortly after Guild Wars 2 released, I made a post outlining what I thought of the game so far and my goals. Today, just over a year from launch, it’s time to see how I fared with those goals and set some new ones for the coming year.

Finish my personal story

I’ve done this with my main character, Lady Tasha, and am progressing with others. I can’t say that the personal story turned out to be my favourite aspect of the game, but I did enjoy spending time with Elli towards the end of it. The story was finally cleared with completion of Arah, cementing the uselessness of Destiny’s Edge to do anything. Next time you go through Arah story, look at how little work they do and how much credit they claim.

Round off getting level 80 armor

Done. More than once. My main has 2 nearly full sets of armor now because last month I didn’t feel like her outfit was fancy enough to go to Queen Jennah’s Jubilee. Ok, that was the excuse, I’d had my eyes on a top since early in the game and I wanted my character to have it. She’s also kitted out with all the weapons she can use. No legendaries though – I don’t like how most of them look. My “nicest” skins are the Princess Wand and the Mystic Artifact focus.

Lady Tasha: In October 2012 and today

Lady Tasha: In October 2012 and today


Is a level 80 warrior and level 80 elementalist good enough? I also have a level 40-something necro who I’m slowly levelling. I spend a load of time on my main character though because Mesmer suits my playstyle so much more than others. I rarely play my elementalist any more because he’s leveling cooking and has no bag space as a result!

Play more WvW and PvP

I went through a phase in April of playing PvP a lot and got to rank 11. Considering how much I played Random Arena and Team Arena in Guild Wars 1, I’ve done a lot of solo PvP in Guild Wars 2.

Sadly WvW hasn’t grabbed me as much as I originally hoped it would. This has primarily been because I have no great driving force to be there; most of my guild are playing PvE, doing dungeons, Fractals, Living Story and other bits, so WvW is lower down the scale than joining them.

Get a sense of community back into the game

This is a really hard point to measure and I think I’ve had mixed success with this. On the one hand, I’ve had some really great moments shared with others in the last year. In December, MYST held its first major charity fundraising event, playing games for 24 hours and raising over $500. Not only was it a charitable event, spending that much time together in 24 hours also brought us closer together. Nothing says bonding like doing Arah p4 at 3am (we didn’t get past Lupicus)!

There were other moments too. We’ve uncontested every shrine in Orr a couple of times. Regular guild missions give everyone a common goal and our Sunday brunch events give everyone who wants to be sociable a focal point to sit down and talk about life out of game.

Yet there’s still times when the game feels like a solo one. Much of the Living Story, especially getting achievements is something many often do alone, and leaves those who wish to do group content like dungeons side-lined until the second week of each update.

So what about the next year?

I’d really like to start on the, what I call, optional extras. Things like Legendaries (if there are any I like) or named Exotics with nice skins, like Infinite Light and The Anomaly. I’d also like to continue exploring the different professions, especially Guardian and Engineer. Meeting and connecting with strangers and friends will also be on the list; after over 7 years as a guild leader, I don’t think I’ll ever drop meeting people as being a central reason why I play MMOs. And while it’s not directly in game, I would like to finish the trading post helper software I started months ago.

As for the crazy goals I like to set myself, I’m considering trying to max out the crafting materials storage.

Will I manage it? We’ll see next August.

Happy Birthday Guild Wars 2, and here’s to many more.

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