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Jul 102012

One of the aspects of being a guild leader I take pretty seriously is that of documenting the history and highlights of our guild to review at a later date. This post is about sharing some of the videos I’ve made in that capacity. I’ve amassed over 160Gb of compressed footage of the guild’s shenanigans in Guild Wars, and over 35Gb so far in Guild Wars 2 – I hate to think what it’ll be like post release.

Our Second Birthday Party

To celebrate our second birthday, we threw a PvP event together where teams would battle it out in various guild halls in a tournament style for a variety of prizes. The spin was that each team would comprise of 2 humans and 6 heroes.

Guild Wars Memories

Made in 2009, this video marks the start of the decline in our activity in Guild Wars to more diverse gaming base. Part trip down memory lane, part music video, this video incorporates material that was recorded way back in 2006, shortly after the guild was founded.

Beta Weekend 1 Finale

Moving on to Guild Wars 2, this video is probably of interest to very few. It’s long (over an hour) and is just the raw footage I shot during the finale event. Not overly thrilling but maybe of interest to a few people out there who didn’t get to experience the Champion Black Moa.

Beta Weekend 2 Finale

All 3 minutes of the finale we got to experience on Lakeside County.

Stress Test 2 Finale

This one contains audio from our Ventrilo as the entire guild turns on each other during the finale event. A few great shots of the Shatterer and the revelation that one of the guild has never seen Star Wars… (Contains NSFW audio)

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