Feb 062012

This post is a follow on from The Monk That Grenth Forgot – Part 2 and Part 1

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about what I’ve been up to in Guild Wars and figured it was time to rectify that issue. 7 months ago I was making progress on my mental self-set challenge of trying to achieve God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals on a character that had accumulated 0 deaths, and was sat at 14/30 titles. Over those months, I have dipped in and out of playing Guild Wars itself. Mostly, not playing it in fact. Partly because I was doing real world things like revamping my guild’s website in preparation for Guild Wars 2 and dealing with being promoted, but mostly because when I did have time to play games others were more appealing. I don’t see it as anything that Guild Wars did wrong, just something that happens when you’ve been playing the same game for 6 years and trodden the same mud over and over again.

Some time in December, I picked up the game again and started regularly logging in. During the holiday break, I decided to work a bit on my survivor character, loaded up the Zaishen vanquishes and bounties that would have been helpful and went for it. I did pretty well to be fair – a large chunk of reputation was gained in the Norn and Asuran titles, I’m now down to the last 5 or so vanquishes in Tyria, and the last 10 or so in Cantha. I made the mistake of trying to vanquish Nebo Terrace in Prophecies having started War in Kryta accidentally some time ago, and was surprised to find the extra mass of White Mantle and assorted bosses having cleared the entire rest of the area. Swearing occurred, and lots of it. Still, clearing that area went fine until I encountered masses of minions and after having to hot foot it a couple of times to save my bacon, decided that I’d have to take a specialised anti-minion build for that area.

I’ve always maintained through this entire challenge that anyone can get 30/30 without dying as long as they are patient, careful and attentive. I failed in all 3 categories while vanquishing Rhea’s Crater. I’d love to say I got stomped by some horrible combination of things outside my control, but in actuality I did the most stupid thing in the world. The heroes were taking down the final group of the vanquish and I went in search of the final piece of map to uncover in an area seemingly clear of enemies. As the vanquish completed animation flashed up on my screen, 3 Oni appeared near my monk. The heroes were out of range and I panicked. I could have protected myself, unflagged them and been fine. Instead I mashed a load of random buttons and watched my monk die. I should have known better, especially in Factions. And I broke my golden rules for the challenge.

So that’s where I’ve left my monk now. She’s still on 14/30 with 1 death and several titles close to completion, but I haven’t really decided what to do with her. I already have one GWAMM with Tasha, I got 50/50 in the HoM 10 days ago and am now in the process of gathering items of use to people building up their Hall for the inevitable panic when a firm release date does get announced for Guild Wars 2. Is it worth allowing myself the one relapse to complete the challenge, or is that it done? I’d love your input on this, so comment away.

Something else I realised the other day that’s been playing on my mind – when Guild Wars’ servers eventually do close down for the final time, I’ll lose the place I first met my husband back in 2007. Wonder if I can get a model made of Kamadan!

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