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Feb 182012

With various press outlets revealing their involvement in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 press beta, and an NDA lifting on the 20th, I thought it’d be fun to compile a few of the things I’ll be hoping get cleared up.

How is the ranger shaping up?

I really really REALLY want the Guild Wars 2 ranger to be oozing with awesome, but from what I’ve experienced so far the pet weighs down this class with a massive anchor. Have ArenaNet solved these issues to make man and beast run as one? Here’s hoping, but I’m not holding my breath.

Go mesmer go!

I fell in love with the mesmer from the first videos that got leaked, but after reading some of the editorials over at, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I’m getting my hopes up over another lacklustre pet-centric profession. More videos and first hand opinions please.

Guilds, guilds, guilds

I’m busy getting my guild’s website ready for the launch of Guild Wars 2, and also mentally preparing how best to “play” the new challenges brought up by the multi-guild system. I would love to see what tools I get to play with, or what’s missing from Guild Wars 2 itself. Also, since there will be no guild halls at release, where the guild meet up point will be.


Work on GW Templates is coming along swimmingly, and I’m starting to look forward to what can be done for Guild Wars 2. That means gathering as much information about skills and traits as possible.

Around the world

How are servers shaping up, and what decisions have been made to accomodate international guilds. MYST already had a few members in Asia and the Americas in Guild Wars, now some have emigrated from Europe to more exotic climbs. Can we all still play together? Fingers crossed.

Trade, glorious trade

I’m a trade junkie. No two ways about it. In Rift, I play the artifacts market obsessively – in Guild Wars it was all about mods. So what tools will Guild Wars 2 provide to those of us who like the sound of a busy market and how much space will be granted to the inner packrat? Will I have to pre-order 2 copies for myself?

World vs World vs World

I got to play some Conquest at Gamescom and loved it as a competative mode that was accessible. But I really want to find out what WvW has in store beyond ArenaNet’s latest blog post. I keep hearing whispers of Dark Age of Camelot but I never played that game. The closest I’ve played was Aion with it’s forts. Which for me was a lagfest at best and a client crash at worst. Will the servers be able to smoothly handle that much fighting in one area? Also how is directing the battle going to work? Will there be a guild of commanders, are voice communications required and will players really be able to avoid PvE all together and just WvW to 80?


Those are just a few of the questions I’m hoping will be answered on Monday or Tuesday next week. I’d love to hear what you’re itching to find out. Remember and enjoy this moment – this is the calm before the storm. Come Monday, the gates of hell will open and the hype train will be on full steam.

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  1. I am also looking forward to the ranger :> It will definitely be my first and main class! About the pets weighing down the ranger, I hope they really get a good AI going with the pets, so they don’t overextend/get caught in aoe/herpa derpa >.<. On the other hand, I hope their dmg is nice so that they can't just be ignored in PvP.

  2. I agree with all questions except for the skills. I’m actually trying not to read much about skills and how exactly a class works (I want to know what they’re like in general – like “heavily depends on having their pet with them” etc.). I want to discover those parts once I’m in the game myself. 🙂

    I’m really curious about the “around the world” part as well. Will I be able to play with those people that I’ve been sharing GW2 news with the last few months and with whom I’ve been speculating about the game.

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