Jun 162011

Last time I wrote of the progression of my self imposed challenge to get God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals without my character incurring a single death, I was working on Lightbringer and Dwarven.  Sometime in February or March, I got both of those titles.  Drunkard also fell as soon as the points were spammable – I had lots and lots stashed up – leaving me 14/30.

Lately I’ve been on a mission & have been doing the Zaishen Vanquish quests almost daily.  The result is that I’m now over half way completion across all the campaigns!  The hardest area I’ve done so far was actually Eastern Frontier last night.  The Grawl Shaman are very good healers and I had to re enter 3 times to get a setup that would reliably defeat them – and that still required careful pulling & a couple of “RUN AWAAAAY” moments.

For the most part, I’ve been running Sabway necros, with an SoS ritualist, Panic mesmer, earth elementalist and a healing monk running UA.  For 3 man areas, I usually just take the Sabway necromancers.  I myself have a smattering of healing & protection spells, with Pain Inverter and the Ebon Assassin for extra damage in a pinch

Its at this point I’d like to say thank you to the Resurrect Scroll, which has saved me a number of times from having to restart.  As good as a 7 hero set up is (thanks Stumme!), I’ve suffered the occasional near total wipe & had to pop a few to get the area vanquished.  Joko’s Domain was one such recent occurrence, not because of the Paragon boss many struggle with, but grabbing a few too many foes around the Mesmer boss.  I had a “change of pants” moment when a Giant decided to try and give me a hug while trying to resurrect the tangled mass of dead hero, but all was well.

Overall though, I’ve been rather light on consumables.  Although my character carries at least 3 sets at any time, they only get used if DP is being racked up at quite a high rate. I estimate I’ve probably used 5 Essences of Celerity over the 60 areas completed so far, and around 15 Armors.  I usually buff myself with sweets, just so they get used.

Whilst vanquishing I’ve also been scraping walls and now have over 85% uncovered on both Elona and Cantha.  I still remain unconvinced I’ll be able to get 100% in Cantha though – taking my survivor into Fort Aspenwood or Jade Quarry doesn’t exactly seem like a good idea!

Otherwise I’m slowly inching towards most other PvE titles.  Guardian wise, I’m putting off Eternal Grove, Zen Daijun & Dzagonur Bastion as being evil missions, and I now think I can avoid having to do any of the dungeons as I can get to 29/30 by completing what I have started already.  That leaves either getting Canthan Cartographer, Unlucky, Wisdom, Treasure Hunter or Kurzick.  Very doable!

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