Jun 052011

This week I’m joined by Nox, the brains behind a number of Guild Wars related websites.  His blog, Conjure Phantasm (previously I Love Guild Wars) often includes vivid diagrams and images to help him get his point across.  In this interview for The Guild Meeting, we talk web development, mesmers and Aussie PvP.

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  3 Responses to “The Guild Meeting Interviews – Nox from Conjure Phantasm”

  1. As someone who loves both mesmers and GvG, I found this rather entertaining. It’s also nice to hear about a blog’s roots.

  2. I remember playing the Mesmer back in the early beta ways back in 04-05, and liked it, but really didn’t play it as much as I would of liked to. Then the release and I found that people really didn’t want to bring him along, so eventually he was shelved and deleted, and I still regret that action to this day :C

  3. Thanks for the huge plug Nox. 😀

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