The Monk That Grenth Forgot Pt. 1

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Dec 072010

Often I see people complaining at a lack of content in games, followed swiftly for flaming developers for not providing enough things to amuse.  Whilst sometimes totally founded, in a 5 year old game it would be hard to provide the content for a variety of players with a number of interests.

My solution is to make my own challenges.  When it comes to Guild Wars, I’ve nearly done everything in the game.  The only things I’m left to do are Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood which I have no real desire to do.  I have God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals on my main character, and a number of other titles on other characters.  Most of them are at least r1 Kind Of A Big Deal.  You could say I’m out of content but I’m still playing on a regular basis.  The challenge that’s been keeping me going for the last year or so is my survivor monk.

Not that survivor is particularly unique (I have 5 r3 survivors), but I challenged myself to attempt to get GWAMM on a character without incurring any deaths.  Just think about what that entails – every mission with bonus, every elite skill, all reputations, mapping and vanquishing without shaking hands with Grenth and saying “good game sir” once.  Having been stuck on what to write about the last couple of weeks I figured I’d share my experiences thus far.

So lets start at the beginning.  My character is a Canthan monk who I got to r3 Survivor through playing the game and capturing elite skills – this is the way I’ve achieved all of my survivor characters.  I have only 2 maxed account wide titles – Saviour of the Luxons and Lucky. I quickly finished off all the campaigns and got the protector titles for all of them.  6 titles down, 24 to go.  And boy was that the easy part.

I started off with some kind of idea as to how I would progress through the titles.  I quite enjoyed the vanquisher titles and thought I’d be able to whip through most of them solo but then the War in Kryta came and messed up the spawns – something I didn’t realise until I was half way through Watchtower Coast and nearly died.  Bummer.  The entire thing of working out which titles to go for ends up being a “where am I least likely to croak” game.  Vloxen is likely to rule out getting Master of the North but it may be achievable without doing that in Hard Mode.  Canthan and Elonian cartographers have some risks to them – Canthan will probably require going into a PvP zone to finish, while Elonian requires playing the Guild Wars equivalent of Pac-Man. Waka waka.

And then there’s the problem of confidence.  My experience with survivors is that if you think you’ll die you will, so unless you over prepare or are confident of the team and your abilities you just don’t do it.  Early this year I took a hiatus from Guild Wars which seriously knocked my abilities to do anything “difficult”.  For example, directly after finishing all missions on normal mode I took my character through a FoW clearout.  Something I wouldn’t recommend normally but boy was it good fun.  She’s also done a number of vanquishes and guardian missions – now I’m too scared to do a Tahnnakai Temple vanquish.  But I digress.

Since then I’ve knocked off a few more titles.  Sunspear and all the Elite Skill titles have fallen (11/30).  I’m quite close to maxing out Dwarven and Lightbringer and approaching the upper heights of Drunkard.  My other characters are also contributing towards Unlucky, Treasure Hunter and Wisdom but I don’t perceive myself maxing any but Unlucky before GW2 releases.  The big question is what comes next.  I have probably got enough items stashed to finish off Sweet Tooth and Party Animal, taking me to 16/30.  With patience I could probably follow the henchies around and get the other 3 remaining reputations maxed.  Still 11 short with a bucket of confidence to find.

Anyway I’ll leave it at that for now and drop in a few choice experiences over the months as things of interest happen.  Oh and if you see that bucket, let me know where it is please.

Here’s to the random and foolish challenges we undertake!

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