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Dec 162010

Regular haunters of this blog or my radio show will know my passion for music is immense.  I simply ADORE music in all its forms.  It doesn’t really matter what genre, artist or the subject of art, I truly believe that music can speak to us in ways that other mediums simply can’t.  Music can make us cry, laugh, dance, hate and love.  It is the soundtrack to our life movie, through the sad times and the good.  But this post isn’t so much about all that as it is about me giving back to the musical community from which I’ve taken so much over the years.

Since being a DJ on Split Infinity Radio and especially since the launch of my Friday show Dancefloor Fillers, I’ve been fiddling around with tracks.  Mostly its been about cutting out the boring bits of songs such as overly long intros, but recently I’ve started going beyond a simple cut and fade.  Today I’m releasing 2 of such efforts into the wilderness.  The first is a mini mashup of Douster’s track “King of Africa” with the Chemical Brother’s “It Began In Afrika” (thanks to the awesome Party Ben for the inspiration here) and the second is a very British twist on Duck Sauce’s epic song “Barbra Streisand”.  You win 1 Britishness point for every name you recognise.  And if you’re any kind of geek you will know them all. Enjoy!


Download: Tasha – ‘King Of Afrika (Radio Edit)’


Download: Duck Sauce – ‘Barbra Streisand (Tasha’s Oh So British Remix)’




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